Carpet cleaning

We have devised a cleaning system that guarantees an optimal treatment for each type of carpet and material (Persians, Kilim, wool, ...).

Once the cleaning and drying process (air or mechanical) is finished, we subject the carpet to a disinfection process inside a special ozone machine, which guarantees the complete elimination of dust mites and dust, bacteria and other harmful agents ( especially for people with allergies or respiratory problems).

Cleaning and drying

We use our own formulation products. Wet or dry cleaning. Specific drying processes for each material.


Our clothing department can repair or restore (at the customer’s request) certain types of carpets.

Ozone disinfection

We carry out Ozone Hygiene treatments in Carpets to eliminate germs and prevent the future proliferation of pathogens.


We own seasonal carpet storage premises.

Pick up in 24 / 48h

We collect and deliver at the customer’s address, and can add, upon request, urgent collection and delivery.

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