Companies and Business Centers

The image of a company is of vital importance, for example when some clients arrive to sign a contract or simply to make a visit. The appearance of the facilities, carpets or carpets is the first thing we usually look for when entering an office, office, etc. That is why it becomes very important to properly maintain these spaces free of dirt, bacteria, fungi, mites and other harmful elements, not only will it help us to transmit an image of seriousness and professionalism to our potential clients, but that it will provide a clean and clean working environment. comfortable.

In Integral Clean we take care of the cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and maintenance of both carpets, upholsteries, armchairs, work chairs, chairs, upholsteries and carpets in waiting rooms

Moquette cleaning

Wet (Injection / Aspiration), rotary or dry with quick drying for the subsequent use of the facilities.

Carpet cleaning

Delivery and collection at the customer’s headquarters and possibility of urgent collection. Additional storage service.

Armchairs and chairs cleaning

Cleaning of armchairs and chairs in waiting rooms

Cleaning of work chairs

Cleaning and disinfection with treatment with removal of mites and allergens.

Sanitation Plans

We develop customized plans for each client according to their specific needs.

Staff clothes and uniforms

Cleaning of Uniforms and Special Offers for Cleaning the clothes of company personnel.

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