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and catering

For a hotel establishment that the guest feels comfortable and well received is an essential aspect, many customers book one or the other hotel based on the opinions on cleanliness of the rooms, facilities, ... in specialized websites of hotel reservations, it is for everything This is essential to our client a clean space where to rest. The rooms must be impeccable and in the same way the common areas.

In the same way the restoration in recent years has become a phenomenon, the client comes to live, in many cases, a unique gastronomic experience, the image we give to a diner is essential.

Moquette, carpet and curtain cleaning

We take care of the professional cleaning of all these textile elements including collection and delivery and urgent service (On demand)

Armchairs, textile and leather upholstery cleaning

All types of textile furniture or leather upholstery (Nappa, Alcantara) are treated with maximum efficiency and care leaving them ready for use.

Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses with Ozone

We sanitize all types of room mattresses, extending their useful life and eliminating the proliferation of mites, bacteria and parasites.

Cleaning awnings and tents

We take care of cleaning awnings and tents for outdoor events.

Industrial laundry

We collect for cleaning customers’ clothes in hotels (textile or fur), bedding, table linen in restaurants, etc.

Staff clothes and uniforms

We keep the uniformity of the staff of your establishment clean.

Urgent service

We can proceed with a collection or start a cleaning process urgently in 24 / 48h, upon request.

Sanitation Plans

We develop customized plans for each client according to their specific needs.

Selection and training of cleaning staff

We take care of the processes of selection and training of cleaning staff.

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