Leather upholstery and
upholstery cleaning

It is very important when keeping an upholstered surface clean, doing it in the most effective way to remove dirt but delicate as possible. Upholstery usually has glued parts and areas that must be treated with the utmost care so that no damage occurs aesthetic

In Integral Clean Barcelona we have specialized machinery and personnel for cleaning upholsteries in walls, ceilings and upholsteries for use in armchairs, armchairs and chairs.

We also have personnel specialized in leatherworking, furriers and tanners, to treat leather upholstered surfaces such as armchairs, chairs, armchairs or other surfaces with products and processes specific to each type of skin.

Armchairs, armchairs and textile chairs

We clean and sanitize all types of textile furniture using specific products and processes for each type of fabric.

Leather armchairs, armchairs and chairs

We have furriers and tanners specialized in each type of skin (Nappa, Ante, Alcántara) to offer a restoration service of the highest quality.

Upholstered walls and ceilings

Our Upholstery Cleaning process uses special machinery and products to ensure their durability.

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