Carpet moquette

The carpets in any space accumulate, due to the use, all the bacteria, dirt and diverse germs of the environment that remain when their elimination is complicated.

Our carpet cleaning process includes dry cleaning and / or wet Wet Clean, depending on the fabrics and dirt of the elements to be treated, after textile analysis of the surface.

We also use our own formulation products and processes with certification, if necessary, including disinfection with Ozone.

In Integral Clean we use a carpet cleaning process that includes the following phases:

Pest analysis

We carry out a previous analysis of possible insect pests in the tissues in order to eradicate them through the cleaning process.

Stain analysis

We perform a visual examination of possible spots and, if possible, by embedding and / or fixing the spots, we begin a chemical staining process.


We start the specific cleaning, depending on the type of fabric, wet with soap injection and aspiration of solid remains or dry.


We use a drying process that we call “Dry & Go” being able to use the carpet the same day of cleaning.

Germicide Application

We apply germicidal products to eliminate all types of pathogenic germs and pest proliferation.

Desinfección con Ozono

Always on request of the client we offer the possibility of disinfecting the surfaces treated with Ozone and waterproofing against future stains.

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