Theaters, cinemas
and auditoriums

The spaces dedicated to the show have a massive and daily influx of audiences, which makes them very prone to accumulate mites and other harmful elements, so cleaning and disinfection of these types of spaces is essential, especially for sensitive people or with some types of allergy.This type of enclosed spaces usually accumulate odors and bacteria for all this a specialized cleaning is necessary.

In Integral Clean we use state-of-the-art machinery and a "dry" cleaning process that we have called "Quick dry Clean" upholstered seats, carpets, curtains ... will be clean and completely disinfected free of bacteria and microorganisms avoiding bad odors and that in Many cases the spots reappear.

Armchair cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection of seats and seats, removal of mites and germs with Ozone (Under Demand)

Moquette cleaning

In Wet (Injection / Aspiration), rotary or Dry with fast drying for the subsequent use of the facilities.

Curtain cleaning

Collection and delivery at customer headquarters. With possibility of urgent collection 24h (Under Demand).

Sanitation Plans

We develop customized plans for each client according to their specific needs.

Textile fireproofing

We perform certified textile fire retardant treatments.

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